Cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital miners

Cryptocurrency is as cryptic as it sounds to the wide majority of today’s investors and on-lookers. But names like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin keep appearing in news headlines, so why aren’t more investors looking into this new application of technology?

What can marketers learn from the hacking culture?

Hackathon, hackathon, hackathon. There seems to be one happening every day with millions of dollars pumped into programs to simplify any digitalised task through a mass-scale, competitive, sprint-like, tech-focused brainstorm event. Hacking has become a method to ensure ongoing innovation inside a business and create an image of outrivalling leadership.


Regulation Technology (regtech), the little brother of Financial Technology (Fintech), is nothing new. In fact, regtech has been around for decades addressing the necessary regulation challenges of organisations across numerous industries.

Cultivating Start-ups – What do we need?

Many start-ups are created from a dissatisfaction of a specific service/product or a gap in the market that hasn’t yet been taken advantage of. But what else is needed to create an organisation and a brand that has the potential to disrupt the norm and rapidly expand?

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